8 BL Hallmarks in a Jason Vonderheid script


If you’ve been reading the completed BL Scripts of Jason Vonderheid, Laundry Teddy, Good Luck Bangkok, Mark with Pink, Make Him Swim as well as the current on going script Pop His Pill and Dear Mister Heart, you’ll notice that BL scriptwriter Jason Vonderheid has 8 BL hallmarks that are embedded in different scenes through out the script. Here’s the 8 BL Hallmarks from Jason Vonderheid: 1. Pink Milk- Petals gave this to everyone at the Nursing home in Pop His Pill while Captain Klaus held a cup of pink milk as he watch Mark kiss Dieter at Mark with Pink. 2. Pink Cupcakes- it will always be Clarisse at Laundry Teddy, the cupcake poppin’ and lovin’ girlfriend of Drew who’s always the source of drama for Teddy and conflict for Teddy’s best friend college cheer leader Lauren. 3. Clear umbrella- it seems that in every BL script series, it’s always raining, and a clear umbrella is a must, and even ghost lead Tawat at Make Him Swim is also holding one. 4. Chicken intestines- Teddy at Laundry Teddy got Drew hooked up on these grilled cuties and this made Clifford jealous. 5. Piggyback riding with ear biting- all the leads at some point got drunk, it happened to Axel at Good Luck Bangkok and yes there has to be some ear biting action going on. 6. The girl you love to love- Definitely it’s Olive at Pop His Pill and all the script has the presence of this girl that you’ll really love simply because they’re there for your favorite man all the time. 7. The girl you love to hate- conflict and drama won’t happen without her, so of course you need her so you have someone to hate. 8. The Love that will Never Be- who says BL should always have a happy ending, Jason does. But to get to that happy ending, one of the character needs to cry, because unfortunately he is the love that will never be.